Avenue Q Off Broadway

23 reasons Why It Sucks to Be You (Inspired by Avenue Q)

1. You live in Brooklyn, but not Williamsburg


2. You probably live between Avenue P and Avenue R
Avenue Q Brooklyn Map


3. Everything is out of your price range
young and poor


4. Because your job is really an internship


5. You probably wonder why you majored in English or some other Liberal Art
I can spell


6. Screw work experience, you have two Master Degrees

grad school


7. You ask yourself everyday what you are doing with your life
What have I dont with my life


8. Because what is a budget?
too poor to buy alcohol


9. Because roommates



10. But you haven’t given up!
Fix the Internet


11. All your friends friends are getting engaged and having babies
everybody is getting married


12. Dating hasn’t gotten any easier
i am going to die alone


13. We all know the internet is really really great
The internet is for porn


14. And we all know the internet is not for research
the internet is for porn


15. Its for selfies

mean girls regina


16. And yes, the Internet is for porn


17. Because you have to be reminded that there is life outside of your Apartment


18. You also constantly wish you could go back to college
I miss college


19. You catch yourself saying “Life was so simple back then”
I dont want to grow up


20. You are in an intense hide and seek search for your life purpose
What is my purpose


21. But helping others feels awesome
frodo and sam


22. Because Jury Duty
jury duty sucks


23. At the end all you can do is take it one day at a time
one day at a time



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