America wakes up with a taste of Waitress!

Lights! Camera! And…action! Our Waitress ladies made their TV debut this past week on Good Morning America, along with the cast of Waitress the Musical!

Sleep in their eyes, but excitement in their heart, our team arrived bright and early for a 5am call time. In only a few hours, they would be part of an extra special surprise on national TV! After checking in with security, they were ushered into the green room and asked to wait patiently. The room smelt of coffee and pastries thanks to the platter in the center of the room. A quiet fell over the room as each MAMA girl slowly began to realize that this was really happening. A mixture of nerves and anticipation coursed through them, but it quickly dissipated into an essence of starstruck when the cast of Waitress trickled into the green room with them. Quick “Hello’s” were exchanged, but it was reassuring to see they too were still waking up. It seems even Broadway stars think 5am is early (#bless).

On the arrival of Sara Bareilles- yes you read that right, the Sara Bareilles- rehearsal was called. Our teams were ushered backstage, where they met Chelsea who makes those adorable mason jar pies you can purchase at the theatre. She gave each of them a tray, along with pies. She explained the general run down or what would be happening, splitting our girls into two teams of three for each stage entrance. Adrenaline was pumping as our girls finally heard the team starting, especially when Sara Bareilles opened her mouth. This was the woman whose music and lyrics brought Waitress to life! From the sides of the stage our girls watched with big eyes and full hearts.

With blocking memorized, our team headed back to the dressing room and got camera ready. Some number of bobby pins later, our teams were picture perfect.

Returning to the studio, our team snuck with the P.A. around corners to finally make it incognito to the greenroom. The coffee seemed to kick in, as the energy and excitement was sky high in the room! Pictures were snapped and the conversation was flowing. Before they knew it, places were called and everyone was whisked off to their spots.

And then magic happened! The Good Morning America anchors were completely beside themselves as the cast sang and danced America a good morning! And, at the end our girls made an extra special entrance to dish out a tasty surprise to the audience- pies! And before they knew it, the commercial break happened and it was all over.

Catch the MAMA girls in action below:

But, keep those cameras rolling! Television is not something that is foreign to our MAMA team! Over the years, our girls have done various activations on the Today Show with the Rockettes with endless success! It’s a delight knowing that our MAMA’s high energy and jovial spirits can be brought to people in the comfort of their living room. If you’re looking for the perfect team to add that little flair for your TV promotion, look no further than MAMA. With a team of performers, there will be a guarantee of professionalism and excellence.

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