Celebrate Women’s History Month the MAMA Way!

To all of the little girls who are watching this, never doubt that you are valuable and powerful and deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world to pursue and achieve your own dreams.”Hillary Clinton


March marks Women’s History Month. It is a time to celebrate the women who helped mold our world into the world it is today. It is a time to acknowledge all of the strength that a woman has. In honor of Women’s History Month, we came up with a list of shows best showcasing what women add to the Broadway and Off-Broadway community.


Currently Waitress is one of the Broadway shows that empowers females the most. From a purely theatrical standpoint, it is a show where the plot is driven from the dreams and aspirations of a female character that extends beyond her desire to be with a man. While of course romance does play a key role in Waitress, the story is so much more than just this. It invites a woman to take her destiny in her own hands and bake her own perfect ending. This female empowerment continues off the stage as well!  Waitress is one of the few shows sporting an all-female creative team. This includes director Diane Paulus, composer and lyricist Sara Bareilles, choreographer Lorin Latarro, and book by Jessie Nelson. Remember, you can always use the MAMA’s special discount code for Waitress, FLY1, to save up to 40% on tickets to the show! TICKETS



This show is part of the Women’s Project Theatre, whose mission is to “promote the work of female-identified theater artists at every stage in their careers.” Sundown, Yellow Moon does just that. The show has some powerhouse females included, starting from the creative team of playwright Rachel Bonds and director Anne Kaufman. The show is lead by two enchanting actresses, Eboni Booth and Lilli Cooper, and follows them as they return home to find their father in a moment of crisis. Under the cover of late-night and small-town shadows, sleep is elusive, connections are frayed, and the southern, summer heat presses in. TICKETS


When playwright Penelope Skinner wrote Linda, she proposed the following question: “Can you be a universal character who’s not a white, straight man?” The show, directed by Lynne Meadow, follows a female senior-executive who manages to juggle being a mother and wife. However, when she pitches a concept that could change how the world looks at women of a certain age, she has to fight for her own relevance. The play challenges the world’s ageism and sexism. The playwright was told, “No one’s interested in women in their 50s,” which she intends to prove wrong. TICKETS


This show is spearheaded by two strong and incredibly talented actresses, who draw us in from the first moment of the show. However, the show also highlights (both literally and figuratively) the ambitions and how they absolutely shatter the glass ceiling as women in the cosmetics industry. The show’s book writer Doug Wright noted, “Together, they not only forged an industry, but a way of life.” TICKETS


Wicked may seem like an unlikely choice for this list, as some women’s rights supporters may argue that Elphaba, is not self empowered, but instead falls back into “princessland,” driven only by her love for Fiyero. But, what would a Broadway show be without a love interest? However, what is commendable about Wicked is that the female companionship is valued over anything else. They support one another’s ambitions rather than bringing one another down in a competitive way. At times, they even put their dreams in the backseat for those of their friend. In the end, both women become women of power in their own ways. TICKETS

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