Enter to Win Two Tickets to Sojourners and Her Portmanteau!

MAMA is giving away two tickets to Sojourners and Her Portmanteau!

In Sojourners, a young, pregnant Abasiama Ekpeyoung struggles with the responsibilities of her arranged marriage as her husband, Ukpong, becomes seduced by 1970s American culture. Intent on finishing her university studies so that she can return to Nigeria, Abasiama weighs her dreams and obligations as she attempts to move forward. Decades later, the full impact of her decision erupts when Abasiama’s family is reunited in Her Portmanteau. As Nigerian traditions clash with the realities of American life, Abasiama and her daughters, Iniabasi and Adiagha, confront complex familial legacies that span time, geography, language and culture.

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