Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017!

It comes that time again where we all sit around and think about the past year. We find ourselves nostalgic, remembering events that have shaped the year in both a positive and negative way. And this year has been quite the year for many. With the loss of several beloved celebrities, a historical political election, and acts of terror taking the lives of many innocents, it is easy to call 2016 one of the worst years. However, we must also remember the positive events of 2016 as well. While they may feel far and few between, they are there. Focus on those moments where your family and friends made you laugh until you cried. Or think about the time your heart flipped as you took a risk, only to succeed far beyond your wildest dreams. Or think about how you now, reading this, are not they same person as you were one year ago but instead are someone wiser and better than before. Join us as we take a look at what MAMA has done over the course of 2016.


MAMA was swarming with excitement over the several new promotions we had over the past year. We get giddy thinking about the fun we had with Madison Square Garden and their new New York Spectacular, as well as Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer the Musical!
nys rudolph
Order up! Broadway was baking something sweet up, with a side order of MAMA! We started in August promoting Waitress the Musical, which proved to be Broadway’s little slice of heaven. With Jessie Mueller’s power vocals and Sara Bareillies’ incredible lyrics, the show was one that could not be stopped. And our Waitresses whipped up the same such response on the street.

waitress-tshirt waitress-number-1waitress-pie

MAMA also helped roll out the red carpet for Cirque du Soleil to make their Broadway debut with Paramour.With a plethora of costume changes, our Hollywood Heartthrobs were box office magic!

paramour-firstparamour-summer paramour-projector

This was only the start of MAMA’s work with Cirque du Soleil this year. We also worked on their two more traditional shows- Kurios and Toruk. Kurios was the story of what can happen in minute after the cabinet of curiosities had been opened with a steampunk twist while Toruk gave a glimpse of the world of Avatar before the movie plot.

And MAMA was the one you wanted with their Pink Ladies surprising patrons in Times Square with some Grease trivia and fantastic Grease Live swag! Thanks to MAMA, Grease was definitely the word!
grease-swag grease-pose
May the Fourth be with you! To get people excited about Star Wars Day (May 4th for those who were ready to mark next year’s calendars down), MAMA dressed up like Storm Troopers and hit up the early morning commuters to inform them about the Star Wars Exhibit’s special events happening over the course of the day. These were the deals they were looking for!



MAMA also took hardware to high fashion with our partnership with Baldwin Hardwares. In March, we made doorknobs couture at the Architectural Digest Home Show. Then later in the year we returned to bring high-fashion to the Baldwin Gala. unnamed


american-in-paris-rose she-loves-me-rose neverland-rose

This year marked the beginning of a new MAMA tradition- MAMA Crush. Every Friday, we send a Chicago Dance Mob member to a stage door to surprise an unexpecting cast member with a single red rose. We even have had two very special rose drop-offs: Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, which you can watch below



One of MAMA’s longest employees crafted a beautiful response to the ISIS threats, and Broadway World wrote an article featuring the video! MAMA star Allison even says that some people still recognize her on the street for it.


Just because we had a great 2016 year does not mean that we cannot continue to grow in 2017. When asked some of the MAMA stars what their goals and resolutions were for the new year, they responded:

  • “My wish for next year is to continue to have the love and support from my family and friends and that I, in return, may be able to give them equal love and support in everything they do.”
  • “Getting out of my comfort zone and exploring amazing opportunities that will only help me to grow as an artist.”
  • “Exploring fulfillment through exercise, fulfillment through creative pursuits, and being a blessing to whomever I cross paths with.”
  • “To trust myself more and take new chances.”


So what are your goals for the new year? Until next year, see ya around!

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