How Can Social Media Improve Your Brand?

In an age of technology, most individuals gain their information from a screen. Whether this be through their phones, their computers, or their tablets, we live in an age of information. One of the most powerful tools for relaying information is social media.  How many times did we see our newly elected President’s tweets show up on the evening news?  And he’s not alone.  Twitter has over 317 million active users. Phone apps such as Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook are constantly on the top of the digital charts.  How can you make the most of your company’s social media? Here are some tips and tricks MAMA has found that can help you make the most of your social media.

  • Twitter Polls: Twitter polls are a great way to generate customer engagements. Using polls effectively can help you create content that will target your audience more effectively. For example, if you have a poll asking, “What’s your favorite holiday activity,”  you could then use the winning answer to generate some further content that will increase your Twitter engagement.
  • Show Some Personality:  You want to make sure you create engaging content for your followers, who are all potential customers, but most importantly you want to have a consistent “voice” or personality on which they can rely.
  • A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words: With the 140 characters limit, you are limited to what a tweet can say. So, let your picture do the talking for you. Think of engaging pictures that showcase your brand well and that are high quality.
  • Twitter Ads: Twitter ads, though costly, are a great way to reach people especially if you do not have a lot of followers. This will garner more twitter impressions, and some reports show that users actually find Twitter ads more useful than ads placed on Facebook, the current reigning king of social media advertising.
  • Instagram stories: Instagram has updated itself to include something called “Instagram Stories.” Similar to Snapchat, these stories only last 24 hours and give you a chance to give your customers a little glimpse to the behind the scenes workings of your brand. Again, this is another great chance to to showcase your brand’s personality.   
  • Be Consistent: Make your posts consistent, as this will help followers gage your brand and your instagram. Make sure if you use a filter, keep that filter consistent rather than picking a different one for each picture.
  • Hashtags: Hashtags are incredibly powerful, as it helps you reach new followers. However, avoid over and under using them. Try to stick with anywhere between 3 to 10.


  • Call-to-action: A couple of years ago Facebook introduced a call-to-action button. It will be added to the cover photo, and you can choose from different sayings such as “Book Now!” or “Sign Up!”
  • Photos and Videos: According to a study done by Quintly, photos and videos tend to gain the most engagements. However, do not post too many of these as this can actually cause a decline in engagements due a new Facebook algorithm.
  • Limit Length: Unlike Twitter, Facebook allows you to have as many characters as you’d like. However, posts that are too lengthy can cause you to lose your audience. Make sure you limit your text as well. Forbes recommends limiting it to 100-250 characters.
  • Tracking & Statistics – There are many cool programs out now that will help you dive into your social media channels to determine who’s following you, where they are, and who you should be following back.  Here are a few of our favorites:
    • Ads.Twitter.com – Twitter has recently added an amazing analytics platform right into Twitter itself.  This will let you know your top tweets, top mentions and much more!
    • Followerwonk – What Ads.Twitter.com will not do for you, Followerwonk will.  It is the go to for analyzing your own and your competitor’s Twitter accounts.
    • Unfollowgram – Want to see who’s unfollowed you on Instagram (or Twitter), this is the resource you need.
    • Nuvi- Nuvi provides you with real-time data updates, and rather than simply just providing you with numbers they give you a visual look at your data to help you literally “see” the statistics.
  • Automating your posts – Unless your only job is to manage your social media accounts, you’re going to need some way to “automate” your posts to the networks that allow it.  
    • Hootsuite: Hootsuite is a great way to manage many of your social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Youtube. However with some of the additional apps available, these options are rapidly expanding.
    • Buffer: Similar to Hootsuite, Buffer allows to you automate social content for your various social media accounts. However, in addition it also helps you create content that is perfectly sized for your various visual social media platforms, such as Pinterest and Instagram.
    • Zapier: Zapier helps save time by doing a lot of the repetitive tasks you have on your “to-do” list for you. For example, you will create a “zap” that every time you receive a new gmail you can receive a text message.
    • IFTTT: IFTTT, an abbreviation for “If This, Then That” creates little notifications, which it refers to as “applets” that are triggered by other social media platforms, as well apps like Spotify and FitBit.
  • Different voices for different platforms – Though it is good to automate your posts across different platforms, one of the most annoying things is when brands post the same content across all of their social outlets.  Each network has different users, as does each of your accounts.  Would you give the same presentation to a group of Moms in Europe that you would a group of 15 year olds in North Carolina?  I would hope not.  It’s important to identify your audience and make sure you’re speaking to them in language and media they understand and hopefully will pass along.  
  • Thinking in Campaigns – Advertising is bad for a lot of reasons, but when it comes to social media, it helps if you think about your posts as part of a larger campaign.  What is the one thing, or the five things you really want your followers to “get” about your brand this month?  Once you have the answer, develop content around those things, and keep your key brand identity consistent in voice, color, tone and style.  For brands doing this really well, check out:
    • @FredaSalvador on Instagram
    • @Evian on Facebook
    • @CocaCola on any platform
  • Monetize your Social – Developing content and staying on top of all these networks is a big job.  When you think you’ve garnered enough interest from your following to go all “Kardashian,” you might want to consider ways to monetize your following.   This new company out of New York, makes it simple for you to create your own App, in which you can sell things and offer exclusive content to your die hards.  Check out:


Whatever your business, there are a million reasons to use social media and unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re probably already using it.  Though this should definitely not be your main marketing strategy, it is a good way to gain some traction with your audience, get important feedback about your customers, and personalize your brand a bit.  Hopefully,  a few of these tips and trick will help catapult you to the next level.  

What are some of your tip and tricks for social media?   Let us know

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