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MAMA Gives Back to the Earth!

How can a company that hands out paper fliers help the environment?

While brand ambassadors handing out fliers in Times Square is a very effective marketing tactic for a brand, it can also leave quite the ecological footprint. Large quantities of paper are consistently leaving our offices and going into the hands of patrons. Before you begin to feel guilty and rush to set up a local recycling program (well, feel free to do so, just wait till after reading this), take some comfort in knowing that MAMA is the first marketing agency in the world to become 100% Re-planted!  This means that for approximately every 5,000 fliers or pieces of collateral we distribute, MAMA plants a tree!  Last year alone, MAMA planted 834 little saplings over the course of the year.


So where are these said trees planted? MAMA’s tree nursery is located in El Salvador.  Why El Salvador, you may ask?!  Well, the growing cycle is much shorter there than in harsher climates, like New York.  Plants become mature more quickly and in doing so eat up the nasty carbon much faster as well.  In addition, MAMA plants our trees in areas of El Salvador that are impoverished, providing jobs for locals who seed, sprout, grow and plant our trees.  The trees we plant are also fruit and nut trees, which mean in addition to providing jobs and eating carbon, they also provide a food source and means of trade for the villages in which they’re planted.  So, the next time you reach for a discount from one of our teams, know that flier is helping you get the best deal, but also helping to make the world a better place.

Here is a glimpse of our friends helping to make MAMA more green!

Our promoters, street team members, and employees are bursting with pride to be a part of a company like MAMA that helps level out their ecological footprint. One employee said, in regards to being a part of environmentally friendly company,

“It is nice to know that you’re able to do something to help our planet. When we hand out fliers, you never know what will happen to that flier. Of course we hope that someone goes and uses the flier, but we cannot guarantee this. Knowing that I still am able to help the environment despite this really helps clear my conscious and makes my proud to part of such an eco-friend company.”

However, don’t let MAMA do all the work! For this Earth Day, go an extra step and do something to better the environment. If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are cute ideas we recommend:


  • Turn your trash into compost!: Take things such as your kitchen waste and make compost. Compost helps improve soil fertility, which helps the Earth create further vegetation. To learn more about how to compost, check out Composting Guru.
  • Plant a Tree: Take a note from MAMA, and plant your own tree. There are several options of places to look at, but we recommend
  • Attend an Earth Day Event: There is so much fun stuff to do to celebrate Earth Day. Check out to find out some events near you.
  • Unsubscribe from Catalogs: Not only are they annoying, but they are terrible for the earth! Save the paper and unsubscribe from those print catalogs. Use the free service to unsubscribe [Don’t worry, you’ll probably still get it via email anyways!]
  • Throw a Green Party!: Who doesn’t love a party? We’re guilty of enjoying ourselves a good party! So, celebrate earth day with a party. Instead of loading up on supplies and consuming more, encourage your friends to come over for a high energy meditation or conversation where all that is served is water.  Or, if you must…Gget some organic beer, biodegradable silverware, and cook up some good whole foods and celebrate Earth Day! After all helping the environment helps you!

Happy Earth Day!



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