MAMA’s Red Noses Light Up New York City

Madison Square Garden has seen several celebrities over the years, and now they can include upon that extensive list the most famous reindeer of all- Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer! The iconic claymation movie comes to life on stage over at the Theater at Madison Square Garden. This marks the shows New York City debut. The show is a perfect way to celebrate the holiday season for the whole family, as it will bring back old memories for the parents and create new ones for the kids. However, Santa has realized the word needed to get out about their arrival to New York City. He suited up in his red suit and called upon his trusty reindeer friends.  In his holly, jolly voice he said, “On Dasher, on Dancer, on Prancer and …. MAMA!”


That’s right! For the past few weeks, MAMA’s street team has been lighting up both Herald Square and Penn Station with their bright red-noses to promote Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, the Musical! Donning a pair of antlers and a red nose, people recognized them from far and wide!

Prancing down the sidewalks of New York City, MAMA’s reindeer ambassadors had everyone eager to play some reindeer games over at Madison Square Garden with this new promotion. Families with children proved to be our target audience, as children were particularly excited to talk to MAMA’s red-nosed ambassadors. Some even asked our ambassadors to put in a good word for them with the big guy up in the North Pole.


But it wasn’t only children who were grinning ear to ear at our ambassador’s playful antics. Many elders were also quite taken with our girls, and who could blame them. From singing songs from the show, to endlessly prancing, MAMA’s reindeer ambassadors were the perfect attraction over in Herald Square.


The show still has a few days left in New York City before the cast and crew hop on Santa’s sleigh and fly off to the next city. You too can enjoy MAMA’s discount to see the show. Enter TEAM at checkout to save up to 35% on tickets to see the show. And of course, join the fun over at Herald Square where our reindeer ambassadors can be seen spreading a little extra holiday cheer!



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