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MAMA Musical Workout Challenge!

Are you looking to spice up your current workout routine? Are you a Broadway fan, like us? Well luck be a lady, because we’ve got just the routine for you! So make like the Schuyler Sisters and work!

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Win two tickets to Dear Jane!

MAMA is giving away a pair of tickets to Dear Jane!

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Win two tickets to Money Talks The Musical!

MAMA’s giving away a pair of tickets to see Money Talks The Musical!

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Win two tickets to The Government Inspector!

MAMA’s giving away a pair of tickets to see The Government Inspector!

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MAMA’s Shakespeare in the Park!

Before he was Shakespeare, he was Will. And with the help of MAMA, Will was soon all everyone was talking out.
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theatreMAMA is hiring a theatrical street team of Ambassadors, Actors, Acrobats and Dancers for an upcoming Cirque du Soleil activation in Chicago.

Street Team Ambassadors will theatrically promote the show by distributing fliers at designated high traffic areas and local events. Dancers & actors are encouraged to apply for this lively activation.


Performers will be costumed in looks that reflect characters from the show! We are looking for two petite female dancers and two male dancers (Dancer styles can include but are not limited to acro/stunt, ballet, partnering, modern, etc. Couples are encouraged to apply). These performers will be performing in pairs. There will be no talking for this role as you will be asked to wear a headpiece that covers the face, though using Cirque-ish sounds and clowny-ness is expected.


Applicants should:

  • Be lively, outgoing, energetic and enthusiastic
  • Be knowledgeable, theatrical and have a positive attitude
  • Be motivated, responsible, and dedicated
  • Be comfortable approaching strangers
  • Be exuberantly joyous and happy
  • Be capable of inspiring happiness in passersby
  • Be good at provoking the imagination and curiosity of others
  • Be able to use your theatrical talents to translate into the promotional style on the streets while interacting with the public in character
  • Have a love of the theatre and people
  • MUST be available for rehearsal and seeing the show on Thursday July 20th and ALL DAY  Friday July 21st for the activation.


Position is an all inclusive opportunity with a competitive hourly rate and free tickets to the show.


MAMA’s Street Team Department is a successful program operating for 12+ years in New York City and around the US.     MAMA has  rich history with Cirque du Soleil that goes back over 10 Years and spans over 37 different cities across the US.  See some of the photos here:



  • Please send headshot or recent picture of yourself and resume to:
  • Please mention in the email subject if you are interested in an Ambassador role or Performer role.
  • If you are applying for the Ambassador role please provide a video where you introduce yourself and then please perform a 60 second monologue as if you were promoting a Cirque du Soleil show. We’d like to see your physicality, use of important ear catching information, your engaging personality and your charm!
  • If you are an individual dancer or dance/acro couple applying, please provide a link to your work so we can see your dance skills.


Thank you in advance for your interest and we look forward to your submission!


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theatreMAMA is a living media agency for the entertainment industry, with offices in New York City and Laguna Beach, CA. We have had the good fortune of creating experiential campaigns and stunts in over 40 different markets across the US, but are perhaps best known for being the #1 street team company in New York. Over the past 12 years, MAMA has led creative campaigns for over 20 Broadway shows, Cirque du Soleil’s tented, resident, and arena shows, as well as MSG Entertainment’s Christmas, Spring and Summer Spectaculars. We have produced PR Stunts for a number of TV networks including NBC, TNT, TruTV, and FOX and we are the first marketing/advertising agency in the world to become 100% Replanted!



The Name on Everybody’s Lips is… TONY!

Find out how MAMA celebrate the Tony Awards!

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America wakes up with a taste of Waitress!

Lights! Camera! And…action! Our Waitress ladies made their TV debut this past week on Good Morning America, along with the cast of Waitress the Musical!

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Mother's Day

MAMA Celebrates Mother’s Day!

To celebrate Mother’s Day, MAMA surprised 20 women throughout Broadway shows who play mom with an extra special surprise!

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Who’s Your Broadway MAMA?

Celebrate Mother’s Day the theatreMAMA way! Take a quiz to find out which Broadway Mom is your Mom!

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Are you in the LA Area? We’re hiring!



theatreMAMA is hiring a team of FEMALE theatrical street team ambassadors for upcoming activations to promote shows coming to Center Theatre Group.

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To publicize the new television series WILL on TNT, MAMA send 20 Ambassadors throughout New York City on the day of the birth of William Shakespeare.

Where There’s a Will, There’s a MAMA!

If we shadows have offended,

Think but this, and all is mended,

That you have but slumber’d here

While these visions did appear.

~ Puck, Midsummer Night’s Dream

The laces on the corsets were tightened. The dirndels were fluffed. Hair was teased. Vibrant makeup was painted on across faces. With high energy and thrilling anticipation a team of MAMA’s best promoters, whose skill sets ranged from ballet to heightened Shakespearean style acting, took to the streets of a modern New York City dressed as a stylized Elizabethan mob to promote Will on TNT. (Turner Broadcasting) In no time at all, MAMA street team transformed New York into a modern punk-rock Shakespearean stage that would make even the bard himself proud!

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Green Logo

MAMA Gives Back to the Earth!

How can a company that hands out paper fliers help the environment?

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What MAMA Show Do You Belong In?

Find out what MAMA show you belong in with our quiz!

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MAMA is Looking for a Los Angeles Street Team!

theatreMAMA is hiring a team of FEMALE theatrical street team ambassadors for a mobile marketing tour for Jersey Boys Musical performing at the Center Theatre Group.

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Couples Dancing And Drinking At Evening Party

Prepare for the “boozy” Broadway season.

Our favorite time of the season has finally arrived. New marquees light up as several new Broadway shows open one by one. Audiences begin to pour into the theatres with a sense of excitement and curiosity as to what the new shows have in store for them. While opening night quickly approaches, what better way to celebrate than with your own opening night party! MAMA has you covered on what should be on the menu with cocktails inspired by the shows set to open soon on Broadway.

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Celebrate Women’s History Month the MAMA Way!

To all of the little girls who are watching this, never doubt that you are valuable and powerful and deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world to pursue and achieve your own dreams.”Hillary Clinton


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Do Movie Musical Adaptations Help or Hinder Live Theatre?

What do movie musical adaptations mean for Broadway?

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MAMA tonys (1)

The Perfect Oscar Party By MAMA!

Celebrate the Oscars the MAMA way!

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theatreMAMA Event Staff NYC for Lucky Rice's New Year Lunar Cele

MAMA Rings in the Chinese New Year!

The 28th of January marked LUCKYRICE’s official kick off of the Chinese New Year.   MAMA was honored to be asked to staff some of our gorgeous model brand ambassadors to compliment the occasion and bring the event to life!  Guests prepared themselves for a night of decadence, and MAMA served as the perfect welcoming crew!

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