Eight Years and Counting!

And the verdict is in ladies and gentleman. On the charge of slaying Times Square with the old razzle dazzle, the defendant theatreMAMA is found…GUILTY! For eight years now, theatreMAMA’s Times Square Merry Murderesses have been killing it with patrons and selling tickets to see the longest running American musical on Broadway! Let’s take a glimpse at MAMA’s Chicago Dance Mob over the years! 



“When we started this promotion, our mandate was to make sure that no one who came through Times Square did so without knowing Chicago the Musical,” said Michelin Hall, MAMA co-founder.   “Eight years later, the Chicago Dance Mob, as they have come to be known, has become a brand Icon more recognizable and more mentioned on social media than even the Naked Cowboy!”

theatreMAMA operates street teams every day in Times Square for Broadway and the performing arts. Clients include Chicago The Musical, Radio City Christmas Spectacular, Finding Neverland, and more.

Part of our success has no doubt been the iconic look!  Though our costume has morphed throughout the years, one thing has never changed — those famous red tights!  We’ve pulled some images from over the years for your viewing pleasure.  Notice how we even used to have a few Fred Casely’s joining our Femme Fatales behind bar



Over the years we have had so many wonderful actors and dancers perform as part of the Dance Mob.  We’ve even had a few Rockettes on the team!  We are so very proud of everyone who has taken part and especially of the team we have out there currently every day!  Each year the team continues to get stronger and stronger, and sales keep going higher and higher!


For a lot of our girls, Chicago is their favorite promotion. It allows them to fully immerse themselves in the world of Chicago, utilize their dance training, and bring smiles to  their adoring fans.

  • “I love it! It lets me channel my confident vampy side that I don’t get to tap into on a daily basis.”
  • “It transcends all language barriers- dancing is such a universal language and it lets me bond with non-English speakers about something!”
  • “Everyone knows Chicago! It’s great to be part of such an iconic brand!”
  • “When I first came to New York in 2010, I saw the Chicago girls and I thought ‘Oh my god, that’s amazing.’ So I know when I do this, I know I’m more than just a promotional team, I’m part of the experience of Times Square. I like how people are like, ‘It’s a Chicago girl!’”

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