MAMA is a street team and experiential marketing agency with over 12 years of experience in activating brand ambassadors around the globe. Street Teams are a perfect way to pepper your existing marketing mix with a cost-effective living media strategy.
Mounting a team of highly skilled, fearless communicators to personally deliver your brand’s message to potential customers is Priceless. We have launched street teams in nearly every major market in the U.S. and currently service New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Miami, Denver, Boston, Seattle, Philadelphia, Washington DC, and San Diego. We also launch street teams in college markets across the country, focusing on promoting products directly to university students.
MAMA’s Street Team Marketing campaigns are designed to interact directly with your target consumer, to spark a conversation around your brand, and to keep your customers talking, tweeting and posting on social media networks long after the campaign has run its course.
Street Team Marketing can take many forms from simple flyer boys (and girls), to product sampling, fliering, flash mobs, costumed performers, mobile billboards, shopper marketing, trade show demonstrations, live contests, social media stunts, pr stunts, data collection on iPads and other electronic devices, and much more.
Street Team Marketing is commonly utilized for new product launches, kick-starting outdoor advertising campaigns, plus generating branded content for social media and PR purposes. Street Team Marketing is most effective in “pedestrian cities” where foot-traffic is highest…such as New York City, Chicago, Boston, Denver, Seattle, San Francisco, Portland, Minneapolis and Washington D.C.

#1 Street Team Co.

#1 Street Team Co. In 2016 alone, we logged over 30,000 hours of street team promotion around the US. We are proud to say each and every one of our clients saw a trackable and sizable ROI directly from our activations. In the past year, MAMA distributed over 2.5 Million pieces of collateral in Times Square alone.

Custom Solutions

Street Teams Custom Solutions Each of MAMA’s Street Teams & the strategy under which they operate is specifically designed to meet your individual campaign’s goals from top to toe.

Target Audience

Steet Teams Target Audience We take great care in assessing your target audience and scout the venues/locations that will offer not simply the most impressions, but the most targeted impressions in high traffic areas and at local events.

Maximum Exposure

Street Teams Maximum Exposure Careful thought and preplanning goes into determining the best approach to garner the most impact for each campaign. Time of day, day of week, travel schedules, and locations are just some of the considerations given to maximize your marketing exposure.

Client Specific Staffing

Street Teams Client Specific Staffing We engage and train the perfect staff whose skills speak to the style of your brand. Whereas stilt-walkers and jugglers might be right to promote a company like Cirque du Soleil, they may not work as well to promote the launch of a new App or Television show.

Training Program

Street Teams Training Program 100% of MAMA’s staff must complete our intensive training prior to hitting the streets to promote any of our clients. Once our beautiful and skilled ambassadors are chosen, we insure they know the talking points, posture, tone and operation schematics to best represent you.

Custom Look and Feel

Street Teams Custom Look MAMA is one of the only street team companies in the world with our own costume design team.  Whether your need is the development of a walk-about character, the simplicity of a “t-shirt and hat” look, or anywhere in between, MAMA’s got you covered.

Employees and Insurance

Employees and Insurance Unlike many of our competitors, all of the brand ambassadors at MAMA are legal employees of our company. Additionally, MAMA is fully licensed and insured.

Management Team

Management Team Behind the scenes at MAMA, you will find a dedicated and professional management team who takes quality control very seriously and will assure your street team will run smoothly.  In addition, our management structure allows us to adjust location, strategy, groupings, and talking points in real-time.

Quick Turnaround

Quick Turnaround Because of our years of experience, MAMA prides ourself on having one of the quickest turnaround times in the industry. We understand sometimes you need people out immediately, and we work diligently to continuously deliver results that exceed your expectations.

Return on Investment

Return on Investment MAMA’s Street Team ROI is one of the highest in the street team industry. For our most recent entertainment clients we’ve been seeing an average ROI of over 350%.

MAMA is 100% Replanted

MAMA is 100% Replanted MAMA is committed to being a leader in creating sustainable street team practices and is the first marketing company in the world to become 100% Replanted. For every 1000 fliers or piece of collateral we hand out, MAMA plants a tree to offset the impact of our business on the planet.

Testimonials for MAMA
Testimonials for MAMA